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Are you looking for PCB manufacturing with low cost?
We provide printed circuit board fabrication with competitive prices for thousands of design engineers, PCB assemblers, hobbyists and students from all over the world.
Three differences between us and other low-cost PCB manufacturers are as followed:
We provide higher quality boards with low cost which are made in China.
Faster lead time (48 hours for some PCBs prototypes and small batch production & 48 hours for Customs Clearance).
Superior customer service (Dedicated account rep, personal to personal).

Higher quality PCBs at a Lower Price !
We can provide you with high quality domestic printed circuit boards that are not only at a low price, but also meet our stringent testing and quality standards. Every piece of printed circuit board will be tested before shipping. If you are ever unsatisfied with our low-cost PCB manufacturing services, we can quickly resolve any issues with our local in-house manufacturing capabilities and try our best to meet all your requirements. We aren't just providing you with "cheap PCBs", we are providing you with inexpensive PCBs that are of the highest quality! Don't be tricked by other discounted PCB factory, make sure you are still getting the board quality that your PCB prototyping efforts demand.

Simple to complex multilayered PCBs!
It doesn't matter if you need simple double-sided printed circuit boards or highly complex multilayered PCBs, just throw anything to us by email or other ways, we have the capabilities to handle anything to meet your demands. We provide inexpensive printed circuit boards that have simple single-layer to complex multi-layers (up to 6 layers), with high tolerances and more. Get complex quick turn PCBs at a lowest cost with the highest quality. We are your right choice.